United Methodist Youth Fellowship

Youth Group: Growing Together in Christ

During middle school and high school years, youth are growing in their understanding of the world around them.  They have questions.  Relationships with parents, teachers, and friends are changing and evolving.  Every Sunday evening, all 6th-12th grade students are invited to come and explore their faith and their questions in an open, safe, and supportive group.  Sometimes we play games, or watch movies, sometimes we engage in spiritually dynamic activities, and always, there is a snack, and more! We don’t pretend to know the answers to tough life questions, but we do believe that Christ is our best guide to asking those questions, and seeking answers together.

Youth group meets most Sundays (unless there’s a special event) at church from 5-7pm in the youth lounge, and is open to all 6th to 12th grade students.. This time includes music, hanging out, games, weekly spiritual thoughts, exploration of God’s vision for Ann Arbor, videos and more. Both youth lounge and Weiss Hall are used for faith, food and fun!

Want to learn more?  Contact Elisabeth Danielsons at (734) 663-4164, elisabeth@westside-umc.org, or sign up for our Youth E-mail list on our E-mail Subscription Page.