Sunday School

Sunday School – a new approach

Beginning in the fall of 2014, we have embarked on a new model of Sunday School for our children. Using a rotational model allows us to explore a smaller number of Bible stories in greater depth through a variety of experiences across multiple weeks. Children will explore the bible through music, arts, drama and other engaging activities.

 Learning about the love of Jesus in a safe environment

From the moment you and your child walk into West Side, we work to provide a safe and nurturing environment. We greet and check in each child as they arrive at church to assure we know everyone who is present, parents know who will be caring for their child, and we can contact the parents during worship time if any emergency arises.

West Side is a church that LOVES our children! Our hope for all our children and youth is that they will know they are loved and valued by God and by our church family. We provide age appropriate Christian Education material for all classes, and we seek to make this a place of learning where everyone, no matter what age and capabilities, are welcome.

The children’s ministry begins with the newest gifts from God, our infants. We have two nurseries to serve the children: infants (0-2 years) and PreSchool (2+ years). The nurseries are staffed with loving caregivers from the congregation, as well as a professional care provider.